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Everyone is still talking iPhone 5 but frankly we’re more excited about the new iPad Mini.

We can see car audio shops already getting ready to devise a way to integrate it into the dash. One analyst says that the Mini will have a superior design to the regular iPad with a still-healthy 7.85-inch screen — and even “feel better” in consumers’ hands.

It’s possible that the device will be available for sale sooner than we thought — think weeks, not months.

(Gasp … omg!!!!)

When the new iPad Mini product eventually launches, it could be a sales beast. On Oct. 7, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has placed more than 10 million iPad Mini orders for Q4 of this year.

“Apple did not skimp on the aesthetics of the much-anticipated iPad Mini,” Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, recently said in a research note obtained by All Things Digital. “In fact, we believe the iPad Mini could outshine the new iPad in terms of how the device feels in a consumer’s hands.”

For full coverage on the hype around the iPad Mini roll-out, read more from CNET below:

iPad Mini Design to Top Apple’s Earlier Tablets, Analyst Says

Check out a leaked HD video of an iPad Mini below here:

This is not exactly the most scientific test we’ve ever seen, but it still seems likely that the new iPhone 5 is a little more robust than Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Even after a swim in the pool, the former functioned more or less as it should while the latter seemed to have drowned. Consumers probably care more about features and technical functionality but some may see this as an additional selling point — or a reason to stay away.

The Galaxy quickly went kaput after both smartphones were dunked underwater while playing Psy’s “Gangnam Style” music video. The water apparently only causes the iPhone screen lock up at first — but it keeps playing the tunes.

In a final exhibition, the testers drop rock-hard household items like canned goods and TV remotes onto both smartphone models. The iPhone seems to emerge from the abuse unscathed, while a smack from a glass bottle puts the GS3 down for the count again.

Yeeeeeeeaaaaah …. not the most scientific survey.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and read more coverage from Mashable here.

Watch the full video of the crazy smartphone torture test below here:

Howard Stern, Robin Quivers and the rest of the cast treated the audience to a classic Baba Booey roasting on Wednesday after editing together some audio of the Stern Show producer’s new web series “They Call Me Baba Booey” featured on the Nerdist Channel.

Howard likened Gary Dell’Abate’s on-air delivery to someone reading from a math textbook aloud. Shuli Egar said the show name should be changed to “They Call Me Horrible.”

For any of you who missed it, the Viper SmartStart got a great shout out from Baba Booey in a segment where he ran down all of the app’s features and said that Viper “took a product he has used for year, but vastly improved it.”

Although it was a great review from Baba Booey, Stern and company teased him about the web show on Monday — and then completely roasted him about his appearance on Wednesday.

“When Gary talks he’s kind of interesting, when he reads, he’s HORRIBLE!!!!!” Stern joked. “When he’s reading off of the teleprompter, I guess he’s trying to look like he’s NOT reading off of the telepromter — so he lifts his chin and points it up to the sky so you’re looking up his nose and at his neck — and it’s like, ‘Gary, look into the f—– monitor, look into the TV camera.'”

Baba Booey was quick to defend himself, saying “I tried to do it the other way, and it was a little ‘um, um, um …'”

“Did you get to the second part?” Gary asked Stern (the second part is where Baby Booey pitches the Viper SmartStart.)

Stern said that they should now call Gary “Baba Boring.” “I was like, ooooh … oh my god!” he said.

The crew played clips from several different segments from the Nerdist and went around the room teasing him for being stiff and mimicking his delivery.

“The other day, uh, first of all, I would like to give a review about Sonos,” Stern said. “It’s like I’m at school, and he’s reading to me.”

“You’re talking to people!” Robin joked.

At times, Gary started getting a little heated and pushing back at his colleagues: “guys, don’t pretend that you don’t know what this stuff is when you do!”

“Do they pay you for this?” Stern asked him.

“They do, they actually pay me really well,” Baba Booey said. “It’s a great company.”

“Sonos also has, excuse me, turn the page,” Stern joked, “a very good interface …”

“The show is horrible, but it can only get better after I helped Gary today,” he added, laughing.

“You know what Howard, you’re too good to me,” Gary laughed.

If you haven’t seen our shout out on The Nerdist check out the video below. To check out Wednesday’s segment on The Howard Stern show, head over to (or, to tweet Sirius XM radio to ask them to let us post the audio to the Viper blog, tweet them here: @SIRIUSXM. Let’s get that audio posted! Tweet the Stern show here: @sternshow; tweet Howard here: @SternSiriusXM; or tweet Baba Booey supportive thoughts at: @robertAbooey).

Check out Baba Booey’s Nerdist clip here (keep in mind, link will jump to the latest show, to see his Viper SmartStart plug just jump back to episode 2):

Remember the story we brought you in early July about BMWs disappearing (being stolen actually) in less than three minutes?

Well if you don’t, here’s a quick recap — car thieves in the U.K. used an over-the-counter key fob to bypass the security systems of several BMWs in a matter of minutes. The fob was able to deactivate the luxury cars’ current settings so criminals could make a quick getaway and not leave a trace of evidence that the car was stolen.

Worried that BMW doesn’t care if your $30,000 investment is growing feet and running off in the middle of the night? Well rest easy, because BMW is making some serious changes to ensure that your luxury vehicle is protected.

In a statement, BMW made it clear that they want to ensure the protection of their customer’s vehicles: “All our cars meet all security standards and regulations, but as responsible manufacturers we are looking at ways of mitigating against this new kind of attack.”

The automaker said that actions they’re taking include enhancing the security on models previous to the 2011 series, and contacting owners to ensure they get the necessary work taken care of on their vehicle.

Don’t be a victim of this high-tech crime — replace that standard security system and protect your $30,000-plus investment!

Remember that we told you back in July that there’s a lesson here for car owners: Thieves will always find a way to get into your car – what you need is real-time awareness of when/where someone tries to violate your vehicle.

We asked our engineers and experts here for the best tips on just what these criminals are doing and how car owners can fight back against them.

They told us:

Number 1.      In order to steal a car, the thief doesn’t need to reprogram the key right away. The criminal just needs to bypass the vehicle immobilizer quickly using potentially bulkier equipment — and drive away. Key reprogramming can be dealt with later at a secure location with less time constraint (let’s say 15-30 minutes).

Number 2.      BMW security has a hole: It employs a relatively weak, 48-bit Hitag system that can be hacked in under 3 minutes using computer hardware costing less than $10,000. There is also a known weakness in the randomization of the security key and its dependency on the CAS (one of the vehicle’s modules) dump. Such a dump is available over OBD connector. In other words, all components for a system are available on the Internet and putting the system together does not require a lot of technical skill.

Our experts were quite sure that BWM engineers are well aware of these shortcomings and are working on tighter the security and probably on upgrading their encryption method as well. That will address BMW’s security issue — but also will make any key-cracking job harder.

Number 3.      In order to deploy such a system, one needs to bypass the vehicle alarm system. The OEM one-way security is susceptible to jamming while more sophisticated two-way systems provide real-time status feedback and have additional sensors, etc.

Get connected to your vehicle and get ahead of the criminals: Thieves will always find a way to get into your car – what you need is real-time awareness of when/where someone tries to violate your vehicle.

Watch a BMW go in under 3 minutes and a BBC report here:

BMW Owners Hit by High-Tech Theft

See the whole quick-as-lightening BMW theft video below:

The iPhone 5.
Credit: Wikipedia.

That’s right, Apple sold a “disappointing” 5 million iPhones over the weekend.

It did, however, garner mostly positive reviews for its latest iteration. Of course, the switch from Google Maps to its proprietary app utilizing map data from TomTom and OpenStreetMap has been the focal point for a lot of the negative criticism that’s out there from technology gadget reviewers.

“Apple believes that they can deliver a better experience for customers than Google,” said Sarah Rotman Epps, an analyst at Forrester Research, told Bloomberg. “But in the short term, Google has a better mapping application, and iPhone customers will suffer.”

YouTube has also been dropped from the suite of apps on the phone — so clearly the rivalry is on between these tech giants. Put up your dukes!!!!

Apple’s rivalry with Google was born after the search giant rolled out the Android mobile operating system, which runs smartphones from manufacturers like HTC Corp. and Samsung — all of which compete with the iPhone. Android is now the most popular smartphone software in the world to date.

As the mobile fight escalated, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt exited Apple’s board in 2009.

However things play out with the mobile giants’ turf war, Viper users are protected. However, you may have to be ready to change to an Android device, depending on who wins the mobile war.

Read more about the iPhone 5 release from Bloomberg below:

Apple Maps Lose Way With IPhone App Victim to Google Feud