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Hey Viper fans, check out these new hot photos we snapped recently in the Snake Pit here at Viper headquarters in Vista, Calif.

These hot shots in the gallery below are of a remote start and security install on a Nissan Titan.

A few weeks ago, we showed all of you an Instagram photo of this same install on the Titan, check it out here.

(Btw, it’s not the silver Titan we showed you last week).

Take a peek!

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Wow, check it out — it’s the luckiest dude in Russia.

This remarkably intense video of a violent wreck that spills over into a gas station also captures a spectator and near victim with nerves … of … steal. They say that Ruskies have ice in their veins, and this man certainly proves it.

This dashcam video that captured a terrible wreck went viral, netting well over 2 million views to date.

In it a truck turns suddenly into an oncoming vehicle, the two brake and slam into each other — and both go careening into a gas station.

Enter … the luckiest man in Russia.

The cars explode in a wreck all around the man, who is suddenly captured at center stage in the middle of the shot — and is also miraculously untouched as pieces of the vehicles and broken parts of the gas station fly about him in every direction in a veritable hurricane of destruction.

After the wreck, the man seems largely unfazed.

He sort of just stumbles back and forth, taking it all in. He does seem to touch himself once, as though to make sure he hasn’t been chopped into a million pieces.

We should all be so lucky …

Check out the whole video below:

You learn it after working in the news business for too long: If it bleeds, it leads.

It’s nasty — but video like this intense head-on crash sequence below, hits, and hits well.

This video of a completely INSANE runaway driver flying down the wrong side of the road went viral this month, netting well over a million hits on YouTube and just a few weeks.

The video shows the dashcam of a police car chasing after the suspect. The suspect screams down the wrong side of the highway, weaving in and out of the traffic headed straight at him — until it all catches up to him.

Eventually the driver smashes headlong into one of the oncoming cars, sending what remains of his car careening into the ditch and the wreckage of the other car flying in the opposite direction.

The cop car whirls around to position itself near the perp’s car, the victim’s of the chilling wreck and all of the wreckage that’s strewn everywhere.

This one’s not for the faint of heart.

Please, when your out on the roadways, keep careful watch out for dangerous individuals like these who have absolutely no regard for your life.

Watch the full intense crash footage below:

Handout photo from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

We’ve posted quite a bit on this blog about the much-predicted driverless car revolution, but let’s take the debate even one step further.

And even a little … scarier as well.

This recent piece by the Brisbane Times says that BAE engineers in Britain are researching pilotless planes — the article even says they already have prototypes already flying over the U.K. skies. The egg heads call the technology the “future of air travel.”

Come fly the robot-driven skies! How safe do you feel about that?

It’s one thing to share the highway next to a bucket of bolts with a robot driver — but to take the the airways in the hands of a computer pilot tens of thousands of miles above the ground, that’s something else. There’s definitely a lot of people who are going to take a long time to get comfortable with that.

Don’t get us wrong, there are a LOT of safety features involved. Cameras on the pilotless planes patrol the heavens for any possible dangers and can spot other aircraft.

Like driverless cars, the robot-driven planes also use sensors to scan the skies and rely on advanced algorithms running in onboard computers.However, these systems have to be extremely intelligent — a lot more goes in to sustaining safe air travel.

“The level of autonomy can be gradually increased,”┬áLambert Dopping-Hepenstal, engineering director of systems and strategy at BAE Systems, told the Brisbane Times. “The system flies by itself on a preprogrammed course until it detects something is wrong. Then it suggests maneuvers that an operator using a laptop on the ground can confirm or reject.”

Is this genius … or something that Lex Luthor invented?

See more video below:

To the Batmobile, Robin!!!!

OK, OK — so we had to do this …

As we’re sure almost every single one of you must know, there is a new Batman movie out as of Friday: The Dark Knight Rises. With it, we’ll of course get the return of the Christopher Nolan series’ version of the Batmobile — a rumbling super-tank that crashes through and climbs over everything in its path, whether or not it’s made of 100 percent concrete.

But, let’s face it, this latest Batmobile is also definitely lacking in that one crucial element of … style.

We’ll admit, we here are Viper blog prefer some of the older iterations.

When it comes to our Batman, please — give us a caped crusader (and optional boy wonder) who’s riding in style.

With that, let’s turn back the clock for you for a quick moment. Please join us through this viral video ooze through a massive, indulgent pool of nostalgia.

Check out a hot recent web video below of “The Batmobile Documentary” that captures the different looks, makes and models of the different sweet rides that helped Gotham’s dark knight on his high-speed chase after all of those crazy silver-screen villains.

Puuuuuuurrrrrrr …

Let’s face it, when you look through all of them — which one of these models would get YOU hissing and spitting, if you were Catwoman?

Be honest now ….

Check out the whole video below: