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We’re sure someone, somewhere in the world has failed to follow “the steps” to take after they’ve had the misfortune to have their car stolen. But seriously, do we need a list? Well, apparently so.

In 2010, auto thefts cost U.S. drivers about $4.5 billion. Although, in 2012 there has been a 3.3 percent reduction in the number of auto thefts, but that DOESN’T MEAN THEY DON’T EXIST ANYMORE. People get their cars stolen every day!

Now have you ever had one of those sleep-deprived days … or gotten lazy? Or maybe you parked in an unsafe area or didn’t lock your car one time and you come back to the spot to find it empty? Here is what you do.

According to this recent list from Jalopnik:

1: Make sure your car’s actually gone!  (We did say if you were having one of those sleep-deprived days, didn’t we??)

2: Now that you pinched yourself and realized you AREN’T just having a nightmare, you move on to the next step. Ask yourself if it might have been towed.

3: You should probably notify the police, right?

4: Call your vehicle security provider (if you’re lucky you have information from a Viper SmartStartGPS unit that you can relay to them).

5: Ask people nearby if they saw anything.

6: FREAK OUT. This would be a perfectly appropriate moment to let your emotions flow out. Don’t get too crazy now; you will soon be surrounded by the police!

7: Call your insurance company.

8: Look for your car online. It’s not too unlikely the thief had alternative motives, other than ruining your life, for stealing your car! Money perhaps? Maybe you can re-purchase your car vehicle and bag the crook!

9: *Sniff Sniff … Start looking for a replacement! *Sniff

10: Lastly, but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST. Learn from your mistakes!

We like this last nugget of advice the best: “Learn from it”! As in, don’t skimp on car security. And then maybe you won’t have to read the other recommendations.

Be smart, and make a vow to never have to follow these steps. EVER. Get your car protected! Choose Viper!

To read the full Jalopnik article, click here.

We can’t tell if this is a joke or not. Our Japanese needs a lot of work.

But supposedly someone has invented a solution for the nearly silent Prius. How about a speaker that plays the sound of fearsome F1 engines? Now pedestrians and cyclists will know when you’re approaching. But they’ll probably bust into laughter when they hear that racing roar from your green compact car.

Of course we would assume you could program any sound for playback. As in, “Hey, get the heck off the street!” We’re sure a few of you will have a more “creative” recording in mind.

What do you think, is this a joke or not? We can’t tell.

A well-completed project, huh? They fixed an unnecessary problem (the noise of the car), and then were able to fix their mistake by adding some sound affects to the car. Smooth move!

Let’s keep our cars traditional, and let the engines roar! Show off that souped up motor! Let people know that YOU’RE approaching! Vroom Vroom! What do you say?

To read more about the deadly stealth Prius, check out this story from Jalopnik below:

The Sound of a Screaming F1 Engine Will Fix the Prius ‘Silent Killer’ Problem

An electric supercar — and it’s from where? This automotive oxymoron called The Concept One is from Croatia, believe it or not. See it in action and you may wonder if it wasn’t a crazy idea after all.

You better hope you are not casually crossing the street when this inventive car comes cruising down the road, you’ll never hear it coming — and with the car’s top speed being 190 MPH, this car is certainly in a league of its own.

Are you thinking this just might be the car of your dreams? Or that you’ve been thinking you wanted to replace your Prius with something more sporty — well this vehicle will only set you back a cool $980,000 — no big deal right?

Watch these videos and see this car in action — you can even put it on mute if you’d like … the only noise coming from this car will be tire screeching.

Read more about The Concept One from Reuters here:

Million-Dollar Electric Super-Car Revs Up for London Debut


Since the redesign took place at Cadillac, the brand has assumed its rightful place near or at the top of the luxury car hierarchy.

They have restored to us the American Superpower Car. Hennessey emphasizes the point with this 1000-plus horsepower Caddy that looks more like a military craft (or way oversized ammunition!) than sports car. Not many will be made so get your order in early.

If you’re a collector interested in an investment car, this may definitely be of interest. Some additions in the redesign of the Cadillac include 1066 Rear Wheel HP and 964 Rear Wheel Torque.

The value of this gem will continually grow throughout the years — especially since they are only making 12 of them!

It’s a “once in a lifetime” offer!

Also, if you want to learn how to make fast cars go faster, check out their Tuner School where the classroom includes a 1/4 mile dragstrip:

Take a peek at some hot video of the 2013 Hennessey Redesign here:

Pandora and others like it look like they’ll be toast once Apple launches its music streaming service — which will be a part of iTunes.

The proverbial 800-pound tech gorilla is in negotiations with record labels to make this happen. They are betting on the fact that with consumers being plugged in all the time, they will start to move away from owning music files to simply playing them off the Web.

Similar to the streaming stations you already love like iheartradio, Pandora, and Spotify, Apple would provide an experience where users can listen to music based on artist, favorite song, genre, or other information. Apple hopes to bend the rules when it comes to the regulations its competitors must abide by.

What does this mean for you? You can listen to more songs by your favorite artists in an hour than with any other streaming site.

Already excited for this potential service? Well, you better hope you are equipped with an Apple product — the service is said to be focused on the mobile platform — which includes the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. This means all you Android users and Microsoft lovers will be left in the dust.

While most of this is still rumor, hopefully we will see the release of this service when the next generation iPod is released.

For more details check out full coverage from here:

Apple Readying iTunes Music Streaming Service to Challenge Pandora