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It’s amazing what you can learn from the “lower” species.

Telecommunications researcher Ozan Tonguz found that when two groups of ants meet up with one another on intersecting paths, they don’t have — well, there are no traffic jams. The larger group instinctively takes the right-of-way.

Thus he had the idea to apply this to the problem of traffic flow. He conceived his Virtual Traffic Lights system as a vehicle-to-vehicle wireless network.

Tonguz’s patented algorithm would assess the number and direction of travel of vehicles, and determine which group heading in the same direction was the largest. They would then get a green light on their dashboard screen while cars in the smaller groups would get red lights.

According to Tonguz, simulations have shown that use of the system could reduce commute times by 40 to 60 percent during rush hours.

On an episode of the show America Revealed, they show how managing signals in a large city, like Las Vegas, can greatly reduce traffic. You can watch the program here.

Read more about the virtual traffic lights from Gizmag below here:

Insect-Inspired Virtual Traffic Lights Could Replace – or Augment – the Real Things

We know some custom car audio guys that could fabricate a replica of the Porsche badge, but as good as they are we doubt they would go through all this trouble.

Apparently the Porsche crest was suggested as a quality seal for the Type 356 at a meeting between Ferry Porsche and US importer Max Hoffman back in 1952.

Ever since then the iconic logo has been synonymous with automotive excellence. Speaking of icons, the company celebrates itself with the launch of the new 2013 Boxster seen here.

The video probably says more about the brand than the car!

It shows you the weight of the company name — and that sense of gravity applies to this vid on how Porsche creates its badge. It may take itself seriously, but suffice to say that it makes the badge pretty much as meticulously as it does the making of the vehicles themselves.

Make sure to check out the (uber-serious!!!) video on the Porsche emblem re-make here:

Also check out a post from our friends at the AutoBlog here.

One of the more “entertaining” news items we ran across: A car thief that’s willing to go the extra mile!

In West Hartford, Conn., one Keith Hinds allegedly stole a Chinese restaurant’s delivery truck during one of its stops. Would that be the end of it? No, that wasn’t nearly enough of a night for him …

Police said Hinds then proceeded to finish the remaining deliveries, collecting the money from customers for himself.

That was nice and all, but apparently it never occurred to him that the stranded driver might be able to call his boss and the police to let them know.

The latter, of course, were waiting for the “new delivery man” after he dropped off some food. Maybe this scientist is right, humans are getting less intelligent.

Read more about the alleged car thief-turned-delivery man from Jalopnik below:

Enterprising Thief Steals a Chinese Food Delivery Car and Keeps Delivering Food to Customers

A little while ago we posted about the Hennessey Cadillac.

Some people online suggested the car might not … handle so well.

We wouldn’t be able to say unless we saw some rigorous testing, but we know how it would do at high speeds. Of course the interesting part of this story is that they did this on a real road.

Texas wanted to test its toll tag system to see if it could accurately report fines at triple-digit speeds.

Hennessey brought a Camaro that hit 203.9 mph! Not bad.

The CTS-V broke that easily by hitting, that’s right … a whopping 220.5 mph!!!!

Pretty casually, we might add.

Check out the full high-speed video below:

Also check out a quick post on the high-speed highway monster from Motoramic here.

The new iPad mini has some people scratching their heads.

Why go smaller?

On the other hand, many consumers have been waiting a while for this device. Engadget offers a detailed review with a section comparing it to the competition, including other iPads.

All that is well and good but what we really like and wanted to see is the mini in a car!

Thanks to Soundwaves of Tampa, we can see how perfect it is for the dash. See the video of the slick install here.

And of course Soundman in California has an example in a VW CC, check that out here.

The best example for us of an iPad install (the original version) is still by Dave “Fishman” Rivera, click here to check out that old classic if you still haven’t seen that one yet.

Also check out the “first-ever” iPad mini install into a car dashboard embedded below: