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The microwave use to be the main culprit in the radiation scare, but now our almighty cell phones have become the new poster child for radiation as we gladly put them directly next to our brains so we can make business calls, and catch up with loved ones.

Luckily, a company by the name of Pong has put a new anti-radiation case on the market to block those wavelengths from your brain. Each case is custom made for the phone it fits and claims to redirect EMR away from the user’s head and body. This technology has been confirmed by the Federal Trade Commission.

And if you need a good scare to convince you, did you know between 48% and 68% of the phone’s radiated power is absorbed directly into the user’s head … and body.

That statistic has bad news written all over it!

I’m sure all of you would prefer to live dangerously and continue to sport your beloved Star Wars, and Hello Kitty cases. But check out this video and see what this case is made of:

iPhone Anti-Radiation Case by Pong Radiation

YouTube footage of the first sneak peek at the 2013 Honda Accord.

With the intense competition in the mid-size category, we wonder if Honda can attain dominance again with its next Accord. If you look at what the other automakers have done or are planning, it seems to us that consumers’ eyes may stray, given the wealth of options they have available in this multimillion-dollar market.

Honda says the company “is back” with its 2013 Accord — but many experts say the automaker is playing it safe, hoping to capture buyers with the same design integrity that they have provided their consumers with for so long. Although some consumers may find that security appealing, Honda is being criticized for playing it safe considering the big changes that have occurred in the mid-sized market.

The changes that have been made to the new Accord are subtle, a more sculpted exterior that is smaller, and a more spacious interior. The 2013 Accord will also feature the Earth Dreams engine and transmission.

With many mid-sized competitors like Hyundai getting complete design overhauls, will Honda’s new design be able to compete for the top spot, or will they remain in the number two slot they are currently occupying?

So what do you prefer readers: A new, sleek and innovative design or the reliability associated with the brand?

Check out video of the new Honda Accord here.

Or for more in-depth coverage, you can see an AutoNews Now video report on the 2012 Accord and Honda’s new push for a comeback here.

We know, folks, it’s hard to believe the summer car show season is already drawing to a close.

Recently the Texas HeatWave series held its huge Austin event where hundreds of custom trucks and cars were on display. And you know these rides had to have some serious security. If not alarms then maybe firearms! I mean it’s called the “HeatWave” Custom Truck and Car show for a reason, right?

If you didn’t get your car souped up in time to enter this year’s show, you better start preparing for future car shows! To make it big in the Lone Star State, you’ve gotta show off your wheels!

But let’s not forget, the nicer the car the MORE SECURITY YOU WILL NEED! If you have a one-of-a-kind car, who wouldn’t want to do anything they can to get their hands on it! Be smarter than the criminal and get yourself some car protection. Viper car alarms have been installed in all kinds of cars.

Want to see some footage from the Texas HeatWave Truck & Car show? Check it out below here:

“Doc, you built a time machine … out of a DeLorean?”

Or … how about this one?

“They’re coming for me, Marty! The Libyans!!!”

You simply just can’t deny it … this is just a classic, pure and simple.

What’s better than your standard DeLorean homage to Back to the Future? A DeLorean hovercraft/hybrid tribute. (Or a boat, perhaps? Maybe it’s better described as a Back to the Future boat?)

That’s right, all of you Marty McFly wannabes — check this baby out!

Here’s some hot video of the DeLorean hovering its way around after a recent Rockies/Giants game, courtesy of some of the folks at Deadspin. The crazy Back to the Future craft’s funding was apparently pulled together by the funding platform

Check out the Michael J. Foxxy video below:



Hey SmartStart fans, did you get the chance to play this cool new feature that rolled out with the Viper SmartStart 3.0 upgrade?

It’s called SmartSchedule, and the way we’re tagging it is that it’s “part weatherman, part mind reader.”

Whether it’s freezing cold or burning up outside, you’ve gotta love the convenience of having your car comfortable and ready for you — before the second that you leave for work.

That’s right, the SmartSchedule feature could be the difference between continually having your car start every morning while you are still enjoying your first cup of coffee, and making a trip outside in your slippers to get your vehicle running.

Like a personal assistant, SmartSchedule will alert you when it is a certain temperature outside and it’s nearing your time to hit the road — giving you the option to start your vehicle via your smartphone.

Users can just import all of their personal scheduling information and data into the app — and your car will now sense when the temperature hits the level at which you know you want to remote start your car.

In the app, users can find the SmartSchedule feature under “More” on the menu tab at the bottom of the main screen.

Click on “SmartSchedule” and users will be prompted to enter a time that they normally leave for work and on what days — along with a set temperature that marks the level where the user would want to remote start their vehicle.

Curious to see how SmartSchedule works?! Check out this video below that we shot for CES last year: