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2012-07-24 16.00.56This covers some ground we’ve already covered, but seeing this list with all the different technologies together really made us stop and think about what it means to be a driver these days.

Never mind the future of the car; the car of today is already incredibly advanced, and to the point that it really takes away the steering wheel away from the person in the driver’s seat, if we can still call it that.

Adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, electronic stability control and parking assist systems, among others, are turning drivers into passengers.

It’s almost disturbing. But on the other hand, the improvements in terms of safety should not be dismissed.

After all, what’s the most dangerous thing in the car? The pink squishy thing in the driver’s seat, that’s what!

To quote the article from

“Far and away the most dangerous part of any car is the pink squishy thing sitting behind the steering wheel. Human error is the cause of almost all vehicle crashes, which according to the World Health Organisation claim the lives of approximately 1.3 million people every year.

To help improve safety on our roads, the world’s automotive manufacturers have developed – and continue to develop – a range of advanced driver-assist technologies that are designed to prevent or correct driver errors and, in some cases, take the human factor out of the equation altogether.”

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