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Ever since we saw James Bond’s submarining Lotus, we’ve wanted a vehicle that can really get off-road!

Well, just in time for Daniel Craig’s new Bond movie Skyfall set to hit screens Nov. 9, here’s this little nugget.

If you’re like us, you’re probably pleased to hear that the Quadski will soon be on sale in the U.S. This is the first commercially available amphibious vehicle available here.

OK, it’s not cheap, but somewhat in the realm of realistic possibilities with a price tag of $40,000.

The all-terrain “boat” has a BMW-supplied engine, has a top speed of 45 mph on land and at the touch of a button, within five seconds, the four wheels fold and tuck into the sides for travel on water at the same speed as on dirt.

An ATV may be cheaper, but man, this could be a lot more fun!

Check out a full report on the new amphibious vehicle from the San Fransisco Chronicle below here:

Amphibious Vehicle to Go On Sale Soon in the U.S.