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That’s … a little embarrassing there, buddy.

A recent ridiculous shot from captures one of those ridiculed-for-life moments, and offers some sound advice: Look, if you ever want to steal a car, make sure the owner can’t hit a button and trap you inside — and also try to NOT be slobbering drunk and shirtless.

(And try not to throw up all over the place once they haul you out.)

A BMW owner’s wife heard his car alarm going off, and the owner promptly stepped outside, remote locked his car and trapped the offender, and snapped a couple pics.

The mumbling shirtless moron told cops he thought is was his FRIEND’S car.

Yup … well, maybe he even did.

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When I was this old, I think I was still playing with G.I. Joes!

I KNOW that I wasn’t thinking about stealing cars — or even driving cars!!!!

An ABC News video captured an 11-year-old jacking a “bait” car in a bait car sting by police in Albuquerque, N.M.

After climbing in and somehow starting the engine — the 11-year-old bandito then has a little fun: taking the vehicle out for a little ridiculous underage joyride. The way-too-young car thief even stops to pick up some friends — who are all 10 years old!!!!

“Come on guys! Jump in.”

Holy ba-geezal — it’s too much to even believe.

When fiddling with the radio, one of the kids thinks that he spots a police officer — and alerts the other to “look out!” The video shows the group slouching down to avoid being seen.

Watch the whole crazy video here.

And tell your kids not to steal cars!!!!

Whoops, sorry dad, that is like, sooooooo not hot!

After a night out on the town visiting the poshest eateries in West Hollywood with dad, Paris Hilton climbed into her expensive car and …

Weeee-oooo  weeee-oooo weeee-oooo!!!

The lights were flashing, the sound deafening — and dad was looking on laughing.

Totally unable to shut her pricey car alarm off, the video below shows her pulling away with the alarm still sounding.

[Hey Paris … call us! With one quick push of a button, you could have shut that sucker down.]