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Every year the best and brightest in the automotive aftermarket gather at the SEMA Show.

What’s been happening in the aftermarket has been one of the great engines for growth in the overall automotive business. Over the years, the OEs have been taking an increasingly greater role in what happens at this show.

Want to see the latest new cars modified? This is where you go for that and a lot more.

To get the full scope of the action in Vegas you really need to be there to walk all the halls yourself, but if you couldn’t make it the next best option is to probably visit these sites along with our social media channels to see Viper-specific projects.

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Quick bonus post: Related to SEMA Show coverage, we thought we’d share what may be the future of racing here in America.

We’re talking about the Global RallyCross. The finals took place in Vegas and Tanner Foust took first place again.

Check out the video of his big win here.

Check out more hot car pics from SEMA below:

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The P4/5
Credit: Wikipedia

We love the automotive aftermarket, but compared to James Glickenhaus we’re pretty lame with our little mods and custom touches.

If you’ve been following his exploits on his website or his Facebook page, then you know about his project to improve upon Ferrari with his P4/5 Competizione (which at one point had an approved Ferrari badge that was later removed upon request).

This one-of-a-kind “Ferrari” finished first in its class at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring and could’ve been the most expensive car on the planet if Glickenhaus had taken the $40-million offer to sell it to a Saudi royal family member.

Watch the Bloomberg profile about a true car guy. Amazing what you can do with unparalleled passion and a very large bank account.

Boy, we wish we had his bank account!

The rough ridin’ 15-minute spot also follows Glickenhaus’ transformation from film director to money manager — and eventually to Ferrari collector and the great mind behind the P4/5.

Read more full coverage from Bloomberg below:

Bloomberg Takes a Ride With James Glickenhaus in the P4/5