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Transportation tracking technologies, like all mobile communications and other technology, has made significant advancements in the past few years … BIG advancements.

The car you drive today is definitely NOT your father’s Oldsmobile, that brand being phased out in 2004 and then fading into history with GM’s 2009 bankruptcy reorganization. It’s all part of ongoing change and evolution.

Regardless of the kind of car you drive, classic or modern, if you’ve got Viper on board you know communication with your car today is already shockingly advanced — and only going to get even more so as the technology further evolves.

Nearly every new vehicle you’d drive off a lot today has some kind of built-in mobile infomatics, also called Telematics for managing information within the vehicle. Telematics systems are integrated within on-board electronics and can be supplemented with aftermarket devices for sharing information through smartphones, alarm monitoring systems, GPS navigation, crash notification, or insurance applications for reporting and rewarding good driving behavior.

If you’re a good driver, you can PROVE it, and your insurance company may give you a discounted rate for sharing your driving history, rather than a higher flat rate insurance that you pay now, whether you drive your car very much or not.

Check out this article from last week on in the U.K. It’s predicting that all of us will be benefiting from Telematics or working with the technology in our cars in the very near future. This is the kind of technology that should help U.S. drivers receive incentives to drive more carefully and ultimately save money and save lives.

Insurance Telematics is already standard business practice in many countries, including Italy, Spain and the U.K. For claims investigations, having detailed crash data reported through the vehicle in real-time at the moment of the event saves considerable time and cost for insurers.

Those drivers willing to share this information can settle their claims more quickly and inexpensively, since the insurer can direct investigation and repairs immediately and more accurately apportion “blame” to specific drivers. It’s always the OTHER driver’s fault … the one driving the bright red Oldsmobile, right?

With Telematics on board, we’ll know for sure.

Rob Martin is a former D.C. lobbyist and executive of the national emergency dispatch and 9-1-1 associations, now a telematics advocate settled in sunny SoCal and leading North American Operations for Octo Telematics. Safe drivers can create the future of auto insurance! Read more at


Get me off of this crazy bus!

Have you ever heard of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift — well here is its crazy, oafish cousin reincarnated as a screwy bus coming to you right out of the heart of the Middle East.

In a viral video post that blew up and received over half a million hits in the last month, a white candy-striped bus screeches and drifts back and forth in front of a gob of traffic and a large crowd of onlookers.

A gang of unruly young folks are clearly have a raucous time from the back to the front of the crazed vehicle.

Yeah, I could definitely do without being a passenger on this bad boy.

Check out the whole video below:

Wow, I hope they didn’t eat anything recently if they’re riding in style like THIS!

Here’s a good one for just before the Friday slide, a YouTube video “They See Me Rollin’ They Hatin'” shows a car’s dashboard cam capturing one seriously tricked out yellow van hopin’ and bopin’ back and forth and partying like “it’s your birthday.”

The video, posted on June 5, went viral and ended up tallying well above 1 million hits.

Watch as other drivers break and swerve in fear trying to stay out of the crazy party van’s way.

Man, if I caught a ride like that, I think I’d probably lose my cookies for sure. It looks more like catching a ride on choppy seas than on the road.

Check out the whole video below:

The Viper techs here at our headquarters in Vista, Calif., recently installed Viper Window Film on a cute, shiny little Mini Cooper.

Enjoy, and check out those fun little wheels!

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Lots made of driverless cars lately.

Completely insane?

That’s the theory posited by one recent post from the Nine Shift blog. (To be totally fair, this author is CLEARLY not a fan of the driverless car, by any means.)

The blog offers some of the standard arguments that Google’s theories that driverless cars will lead to zero road deaths are a hunk of, um, malarky. (And, let’s face it, that’s what they are.)

But the post goes even further: “Only the Americans could be so stupid as to propose driverless cars. All part of Google’s ongoing attempt to destroy its own motto, ‘Don’t be evil.'”

‘Google Driverless Car’ Icon Trademark

All driverless car nuts, make sure to check out this recent post from, that talks through how Google has filed to get the trademark on their “Google Driverless Car” icon.

Which one did they choose?

Well, their selection was the one that’s a little bit more … creepy.

The choice is a weird yellow car with two eyes on the front, that’s slightly tilted like it’s damaged or there’s something wrong with it.

What’s going on … ?

The search giant went for their trademark under International Class 12, which covers “electronic system that allows autonomous driving of vehicles.”

Has anyone here seen I, Robot?

Yeah … let’s all get ready for this …