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“Doc, you built a time machine … out of a¬†DeLorean?”

Or … how about this one?

“They’re coming for me, Marty! The Libyans!!!”

You simply just can’t deny it … this is just a classic, pure and simple.

What’s better than your standard¬†DeLorean homage to Back to the Future? A DeLorean hovercraft/hybrid tribute. (Or a boat, perhaps? Maybe it’s better described as a Back to the Future boat?)

That’s right, all of you Marty McFly wannabes — check this baby out!

Here’s some hot video of the DeLorean hovering its way around after a recent Rockies/Giants game, courtesy of some of the folks at Deadspin. The crazy Back to the Future craft’s funding was apparently pulled together by the funding platform

Check out the Michael J. Foxxy video below: