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2012-07-24 16.00.52-1Wow, talk about a business that’s on the move!!!!

Rich people like Paul Allen would have their Mercedes customized to have something of an office in the rear passenger seat area and we’ve seen some cool vans complete with computers, flat panel TVs and a wet bar, but they were fairly rare.

These days though car makers are building vehicles with WiFi, so adding the right hardware to allow businessman to do everything on the road is easier than ever.

This may be indeed the next niche for car audio dealers.

“We’re going to see more and more functionality out of vehicles. We’re a connected people now,” Jack Nerad, executive director of Kelly Blue Book, told NPR.

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Pandora and others like it look like they’ll be toast once Apple launches its music streaming service — which will be a part of iTunes.

The proverbial 800-pound tech gorilla is in negotiations with record labels to make this happen. They are betting on the fact that with consumers being plugged in all the time, they will start to move away from owning music files to simply playing them off the Web.

Similar to the streaming stations you already love like iheartradio, Pandora, and Spotify, Apple would provide an experience where users can listen to music based on artist, favorite song, genre, or other information. Apple hopes to bend the rules when it comes to the regulations its competitors must abide by.

What does this mean for you? You can listen to more songs by your favorite artists in an hour than with any other streaming site.

Already excited for this potential service? Well, you better hope you are equipped with an Apple product — the service is said to be focused on the mobile platform — which includes the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. This means all you Android users and Microsoft lovers will be left in the dust.

While most of this is still rumor, hopefully we will see the release of this service when the next generation iPod is released.

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