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Check out this Lamber getting put in the ol’ slammer!

Woof, talk about somebody who could have used a top-shelf car alarm and security system.

Take a look at this new hot video posted to YouTube in June of an Orange Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 getting towed in St. Tropez, Kuwait.

The big-money muscle car was apparently parked in the taxi bay — which is off limits to civilian vehicles. (Especially super expensive, babe-magnet vehicles driven by wealthy Kuwaiti playboys.)

Aaaaaand … wow, there sure were a lot of folks getting a big kick out of seeing the Lamborghini hauled away by the local crewmen. But, the driver was from Kuwait! Why would local residents celebrate as they watched a Kuwaiti get his car impounded?

The other part to make car fans shudder is how they lift the car — have mercy!

If you watch closely, there’s a matching Mercedes G-Wagon AMG also being towed away.

Check out the hot video here: