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Credit: YouTube.

Taking security to an entirely new level…

Ever dreamed of driving on the ocean floor? Well your dream of safari could actually be a reality. Making its big debut this week on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, the Volkswagen Beetle “Shark Cage” will be cruising the ocean floor — and as a viewer you can go along for the ride!

This Beetle model is quite remarkable; it is only a quarter-inch off of the diameters of the Beetle Turbo and is powered by Thrusters, making for an easy and safe travel as the drivers encounter sharks and other underwater creatures.

It would be interesting if we tracked this beetle using the Viper SmartStart GPS, I’m sure it will be traveling to the remotest of places — reaching the depths of the ocean, certainly somewhere your everyday jeep can’t reach.

What’s the coolest thing about the underwater gizmo?

The wireframe Beetle-shaped cage has thrusters, which we’d like installed on our land car right now! (The cage-car is apparently also just a quarter-inch off the dimensions of a Beetle Turbo.)

You can read more about the wiry ride here at AutoBlog.

This video’s got teeth! Check out complete footage of the wiry under-water beast below here: