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Well, I say, mate! In a bit of a rush?

A New Zealand teen was clocked in at waaaaay over the legal limit … at a whopping 115 mph (185 kilometers an hour).

The cops say they tried to pull the 18-year-old muppet (New Zealand slang for fool) over for speeding — but the speedster took off, reaching 115 mph on the dial, before finally giving up and pulling over at a golf course.

The speedy teen’s driver’s license has been suspended (yah think?) — and the police have taken possession of his car.

He’ll be facing a whole slew of charges very soon.

Read the full story on NZCity.

[Geez, too bad the teen’s folks didn’t stick a GPS teen tracking device on that car, they could’ve kept captain speed from ever reaching 100-plus mph in the first place.]