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Credit: Wikipedia.

Credit: Wikipedia.

It’s that time of year, Viper fans.

Time to check out the CNET on Cars list of top cars of the year!

When they start with the Porsche Panamera at number five, well, you know this is not going to be a very “relatable” list, if you will. But then they present the plug-in hybrid Prius.

OK, apparently these guys want to be deliberately provocative.

The next pick makes a lot more sense for a tech-oriented content site; it’s the Audi S5 with its built-in 3G connection, memory card slots and Bang & Olufsen sound system. But for a sporty vehicle it doesn’t rate that high, performance wise.

We assume the car makes third on this list more for the aforementioned features.

Watch the full episode to see their best choices from the 100 cars the crew reviewed.