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We can’t tell if this is a joke or not. Our Japanese needs a lot of work.

But supposedly someone has invented a solution for the nearly silent Prius. How about a speaker that plays the sound of fearsome F1 engines? Now pedestrians and cyclists will know when you’re approaching. But they’ll probably bust into laughter when they hear that racing roar from your green compact car.

Of course we would assume you could program any sound for playback. As in, “Hey, get the heck off the street!” We’re sure a few of you will have a more “creative” recording in mind.

What do you think, is this a joke or not? We can’t tell.

A well-completed project, huh? They fixed an unnecessary problem (the noise of the car), and then were able to fix their mistake by adding some sound affects to the car. Smooth move!

Let’s keep our cars traditional, and let the engines roar! Show off that souped up motor! Let people know that YOU’RE approaching! Vroom Vroom! What do you say?

To read more about the deadly stealth Prius, check out this story from Jalopnik below:

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