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According to research firm Gartner, 35 percent of the 1.9 billion phones sold this year will be smartphones.

About half of the consumers in the U.S. have one already. (You can read that report from Reuters here:

So it’s no wonder that the 12-volt industry is optimistic about the growth for the remote start via smartphone market. Our own VP of Product Planning James Turner joined other executives in the consensus view.

Discussing the growth of Viper SmartStart, Turner said: “We do believe it’s going to be the fastest-growing category we have.”

About 350,000 remote start kits are sold in the aftermarket each year and experts agree that smartphone remote start systems will reach a high of 10 percent of that market this year — at least! And given the rising sales of smartphones in general, that number should continue to climb in the near future.

So, get out of the way, skeptics!!!! And get on board with the cloud-connected car!

(And psssssssssst, by the way, why not get on board with Viper, who innovated and brought you the first-ever smartphone app that could start your car — and has delivered the most new features for customers ever since? Sounds pretty good to us!)

Any new Viper SmartStart features that you’d like to see, let us know in comments!

Read a full report on the growth of smartphone remote starters from CE Outlook below here:

Remote Start From Phones to Hit 10 Percent of Sales

An electric supercar — and it’s from where? This automotive oxymoron called The Concept One is from Croatia, believe it or not. See it in action and you may wonder if it wasn’t a crazy idea after all.

You better hope you are not casually crossing the street when this inventive car comes cruising down the road, you’ll never hear it coming — and with the car’s top speed being 190 MPH, this car is certainly in a league of its own.

Are you thinking this just might be the car of your dreams? Or that you’ve been thinking you wanted to replace your Prius with something more sporty — well this vehicle will only set you back a cool $980,000 — no big deal right?

Watch these videos and see this car in action — you can even put it on mute if you’d like … the only noise coming from this car will be tire screeching.

Read more about The Concept One from Reuters here:

Million-Dollar Electric Super-Car Revs Up for London Debut