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Photo courtesy of Boosted Boards.

You might see this electric vehicle in the X Games someday.

Well, you already see its manual version in the annual competition — the skateboard!

The folks at Boosted Boards have created what they’re calling “the lightest electric vehicle that’s ever been made.” It’s a longboard that’s designed to carry you the “last mile” of your commute. The prototype probably weighs less than your dumbbell and even climbs steep hills.

But don’t try any tricks; you might break the expensive motor.

“The last mile of transportation is this huge problem that hasn’t been solved yet,” the small company’s co-founder Sanjay Dastoor says in a YouTube video that promos the contraption (check it out below). “Once you get off of a public transit system, whether it’s a bus or a train or anything else, how do you get along that last mile to your destination? What Boosted Boards does is gives you a really portable vehicle that you can use in conjunction with public transit.”

The tiny board’s throttle and braking are all controlled by a small hand-held remote that users wear on their thumb — and the vehicle’s brakes are “regenerative,” meaning they charge the battery a little bit every time you stop.

Don’t hang up your walking shoes just yet! Right now, the company is still just working on prototypes, which weigh something in the area of 12-15 pounds.

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And check out the hot YouTube promo video below: