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The prototype of the screen made by JDI.
Credit: Japan Display.

Japan Display is showing off prototypes that display how your car or tablet of the future could be equipped with an unprecedented super-screen that’s head-and-shoulders above any product on the market today.

Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi have been working on some next-gen LCD technology that you may soon see on your tablet or in your car.

The prototype 12.2-inch automotive touchscreen offers 1920×720-pixel resolution and utilizes true black technology for better contrast, plus an impressive 50 percent lower power consumption, compared to existing displays. The 7-inch screen has 2560×1600-pixel resolution.

With 431ppi it surpasses the iPad 3’s 264ppi (Kindle Fire HD has 254ppi). Perhaps even more attractive is their tablet screen is only 0.05 inches thin — and like the vehicle display counterpart it also lowers power consumption by half.

After checking out the Japan Display prototypes, you might think the future of next-gen LCD technology looks brighter than ever!

While many vehicles currently on the market — including cars from Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, and others — sport similar screens on the vehicles’ instrument cluster, none of them can really compare to these babies!

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Some positive news for dealers: This may be a sign that the U.S. economy is turning around at last.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, confidence for spending on technology is at the highest that it’s been in half a decade.

The business manager for mobile at Sony thinks this could carry over into the car audio segment as the demand for in-car smartphone connectivity continues to grow. MESA, the Mobile Electronics Specialists of America expects a much-improved 4th quarter. Their members have had a better year with nearly half showing a 10 percent increase in business.


Just in time for the holiday buying season. (And it’s expected to get coooooooold up in the Northeast and the northern Midwest, in case you haven’t seen, it started snowing in Michigan already last Friday.)

Along with the uptick in consumer confidence for spending on technology, confidence IN technology also rose almost 5 points.

“This month’s measure of sentiment is at levels typically only seen during the height of the holiday buying season, an indication that consumers are likely to buy and spend more on tech in the weeks ahead,” said Shawn DuBravac, CEA’s Chief Economist and Senior Director of Research.  “There were several key high-tech product announcements this month which served as an important catalyst for tech buying heading into the fourth quarter and the holiday shopping season.”

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