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By Glenn Busse

Been talkin’ with (social media manager) Andrew and his crew on various things snakes, bugs and rock ‘n’ roll and he invited me to blog. I sat for days and blanked — then all of a sudden, it happened!

OK, admit it, sometimes when you wake up, life is like a movie …

It could be like the theme song from the Sopranos is playing “woke up this morning” and you got yourself a gun — or like what happened to me with my Viper SmartStart … I was jamming up a pretty sweet day, got my workout in, fav cup of java, Cold Play was jamming “Kill the DJ” and what??? My Viper SmartStart is talkin’ to me?

Gotta love it when technology is intuitive and does your work for you!

By the way, I’ve had a great freakin’ day — and my Viper SmartStart set me on my way …

Glenn Busse, also known as Moondawgster, is the Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Viper — and also likes all things involving snakes, bugs and rock ‘n’ roll (oh, and blogging ….)