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The editors of Edmunds’ InsideLine surveyed tech-related features for 2013 vehicles — and picked their top nine.

As noted in the piece, some of the innovations shown may only be in a few models, but you can expect them to be offered in more cars over time, e.g. park assist.

Automatic seat temperature control isn’t exactly a heart-grabber but other items like the tablet-style center stack control interface, as found in the Tesla Model S, will have your salivary glands working.

In the “about time” category, you have the foot-operated, touchless liftgate which the Ford Escape shows prominently in its TV ads. But our favorites have to be the back-up collision intervention system and passenger-side mirror-mounted blind-spot camera.

Of course, this article falls a little short when it comes to mentioning the connected car and features like those offered by the Viper SmartStart. But, keep in mind, this article is mainly excluding aftermarket mods, etc.

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The iPhone 4S, the most recent generation of the iPhone.
Credit: Wikipedia.

As the iPhone 4 approaches its first birthday, Apple fans around the world are biting their nails awaiting the release of the iPhone 5.

With much speculation surrounding the release date of the newest phone, most reports project that it will be Sept. 12 of this year, right in line with several other Apple product releases.

Of course, actual confirmation of the September deadline by Apple is still pending.

Until that date, all of you Apple lovers can dream of all the new features the iPhone 5 will offer — possibly an improved Siri who just may be willing to tell you a bedtime story, or have the wry wit to play along with your jokes.

Web pics of a finished iPhone 5 were leaked, which were reportedly smuggled out of a Foxconn factory.

Apple’s third quarter numbers have taken off, a sign that the release is indeed imminent, and Bloomberg has reported that the company placed a mega-order for some $1.15 billion in parts.

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