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Here’s a not so pleasant one.

A CCTV camera caught a car crushing a teenage girl up against the door of a convenience store.

In a horrible case of apparent mistaken identity, the girl’s friends all climb out of a car outside the store and gather around another vehicle that’s also parked outside, right by the door. One male passenger from the same car climbs out and immediately opens up the trunk, and pulls out a baseball bat.

As the group gathers around the car (apparently under a completely incorrect assumption of who’s inside) the male passenger starts to completely tee off on the vehicle — shattering windows and sending glass flying.

The assaulted vehicle then panics and drives into the girl, pinning her to the wall of the store.

This video is not for the faint of heart!

Please remember, keep safe on the roads and keep your wits about you.

Watch the full video below here: