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Howard Stern in May 2012.
Credit: Wikipedia.

Wow, Howard Stern loves to bust on that Baba Booey.

In case some of you haven’t heard, the Viper SmartStart got a great shout out from Howard Stern show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate on his web show “They Call Me Baba Booey” on The Nerdist. It was a glowing review: Baba Booey said that Viper “took a product he has used for years, but vastly improved it” — and also did a thorough rundown of the Viper SmartStart features.

Although it was a great review from Baba Booey, it was also a great laugh after hearing Howard Stern on Monday tease Baba Booey for his web show and how all it was is Baba Booey “talking about stuff he likes.”

Howard and his radio co-host Robin Quivers went on and on mimicking Baba Booey, saying things like “I like things I can turn on and turn off … from a distance” or “Yeah, I like to start my car from my phone” in the same way Baba Booey sounds when he talks with his teeth.

It’s a crack up and a MUST hear. If you haven’t seen our shout out on The Nerdist check out the video below. To check out Monday’s segment on The Howard Stern show, head over to (or, to tweet Sirius XM radio to ask them to let us post the audio to the Viper blog, tweet them here: @SIRIUSXM.)

Check out Baba Booey’s Nerdist clip here (keep in mind, link will jump to the latest show, to see his Viper SmartStart plug just jump back to episode 2):

Hey SmartStart fans, did you get the chance to play this cool new feature that rolled out with the Viper SmartStart 3.0 upgrade?

It’s called SmartSchedule, and the way we’re tagging it is that it’s “part weatherman, part mind reader.”

Whether it’s freezing cold or burning up outside, you’ve gotta love the convenience of having your car comfortable and ready for you — before the second that you leave for work.

That’s right, the SmartSchedule feature could be the difference between continually having your car start every morning while you are still enjoying your first cup of coffee, and making a trip outside in your slippers to get your vehicle running.

Like a personal assistant, SmartSchedule will alert you when it is a certain temperature outside and it’s nearing your time to hit the road — giving you the option to start your vehicle via your smartphone.

Users can just import all of their personal scheduling information and data into the app — and your car will now sense when the temperature hits the level at which you know you want to remote start your car.

In the app, users can find the SmartSchedule feature under “More” on the menu tab at the bottom of the main screen.

Click on “SmartSchedule” and users will be prompted to enter a time that they normally leave for work and on what days — along with a set temperature that marks the level where the user would want to remote start their vehicle.

Curious to see how SmartSchedule works?! Check out this video below that we shot for CES last year:

Hey Viper fans, check out these new hot photos we snapped recently in the Snake Pit here at Viper headquarters in Vista, Calif.

These hot shots in the gallery below are of a Viper SmartStart and PKE install.

If you’re wondering what PKE stands for it’s “Passive Keyless Entry.” So you can literally walk up to your car and your doors will unlock without pressing any keys!

We got some great quotes on our Facebook page from some of our fans who are super-excited for the PKE roll-out:

“Sweet!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!”

“Since I have a second gen scion xB, this is relevant to my interests.”

“I need 2 PKE’s. Thanks.”

“Wait till it’s shipping to talk about it :)”

(Haha, those last two are our favorites.)

Anyway, get revved up for the release of Viper’s new PKE product and check out some of the hot pics below!:

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[Check out all of the photos on our Facebook page.]