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British soccer star Ever Banega’s $306,506 Ferrari short circuited, became engulfed in flames and burned to a black char this week.

Images that caught fire (haha, sorry about that one) in the local media showed the front fender of the car unscathed and the rest of the car burnt to a cinder, including the entire passenger cab.

Banega was driving the car outside of Valencia (the Spanish city that he plays for), when smoke started pouring from the back of the car and the blaze started to suddenly engulf the car.

Ferrari actually recalled the model of Banega’s car, the 458 Italia, saying that an “adhesive used to attach a heat shield under the rear fender can ignite under high temperatures, leading to a larger fire in the engine bay.”


Might want to check on that small detail.

Here’s a little newsflash for you: Some hot new video of the soccer stud rushing to get a bucket of water at Valencia’s HQ office to put out the blaze before the fire department showed up:


For any of our readers that aren’t aware — it’s a very, very bad thing when your car is on fire.

As seen on web sites like, this video out of Russia blew up over the last few weeks (pardon the pun), netting several hundred thousand hits on YouTube.

Keep in mind, details are scarce in terms of what’s actually going on because all of the coverage of this particular viral video is covered in Russian language (we have no in-house translator at Viper who’s fluent in Russian, very sorry for that, btw.)

A couple details are more than clear, however.

The scene opens with a car in the middle of a Russian street blanketed in heavy flames, sending thick black smoke up into the air.

Amazingly, cars are still driving by the flaming inferno, trying to sneak past in the lane right next to the blaze, so that they can keep motoring along on their way. (It’s frightening how little people value their lives over shaving a little time off of their commute).

Shortly, the car’s fuselage ignites, resulting in a massive explosion that kicks a massive fireball in the air.

The kids looking on and taping the fiery event all gasp: “whooooooooa!”

And yes, sadly, a few of them also laugh once it’s done.

Ah, to be young and still find horrible events like this to be funny.

Check out the whole video below here:


Wow, check it out — it’s the luckiest dude in Russia.

This remarkably intense video of a violent wreck that spills over into a gas station also captures a spectator and near victim with nerves … of … steal. They say that Ruskies have ice in their veins, and this man certainly proves it.

This dashcam video that captured a terrible wreck went viral, netting well over 2 million views to date.

In it a truck turns suddenly into an oncoming vehicle, the two brake and slam into each other — and both go careening into a gas station.

Enter … the luckiest man in Russia.

The cars explode in a wreck all around the man, who is suddenly captured at center stage in the middle of the shot — and is also miraculously untouched as pieces of the vehicles and broken parts of the gas station fly about him in every direction in a veritable hurricane of destruction.

After the wreck, the man seems largely unfazed.

He sort of just stumbles back and forth, taking it all in. He does seem to touch himself once, as though to make sure he hasn’t been chopped into a million pieces.

We should all be so lucky …

Check out the whole video below:

You learn it after working in the news business for too long: If it bleeds, it leads.

It’s nasty — but video like this intense head-on crash sequence below, hits, and hits well.

This video of a completely INSANE runaway driver flying down the wrong side of the road went viral this month, netting well over a million hits on YouTube and just a few weeks.

The video shows the dashcam of a police car chasing after the suspect. The suspect screams down the wrong side of the highway, weaving in and out of the traffic headed straight at him — until it all catches up to him.

Eventually the driver smashes headlong into one of the oncoming cars, sending what remains of his car careening into the ditch and the wreckage of the other car flying in the opposite direction.

The cop car whirls around to position itself near the perp’s car, the victim’s of the chilling wreck and all of the wreckage that’s strewn everywhere.

This one’s not for the faint of heart.

Please, when your out on the roadways, keep careful watch out for dangerous individuals like these who have absolutely no regard for your life.

Watch the full intense crash footage below:

Whew!!! Well this one is a fun one.

After watching stunt racer (and shoe salesman) Ken Block’s “Gymkhana Five” blow up on the web last week (18M views and counting),we’re definitely left wondering how much it cost to block off this much of the historic streets of San Fransisco.

No more empty stadiums, etc., for this one-man driving circus!

Check out Block’s fancy drifting, tire smoke-blowing trick ride in his Ford Fiesta as he flies through the most famous parts of downtown, weaves in and out of scenic cable cars and takes a couple MASSIVE jumps. There’s even a couple stunts at the end where he circles and messes with a stunt-bike driver — blowing smoke like crazy all over the downtown buildings.

Block’s Fiesta is apparently capable of reaching 60 mph in 1.8 seconds. This exhibition definitely represents the apex of the Gymkhana series, which have helped vault Block into the World Rally Championship and altogether have netted some 135 million views.

Make no mistake, Block definitely has his detractors, but some of these moves are unmistakably sick.

Block’s car definitely throws so much smoke in the air that it’s perhaps most exciting air pollution San Fran has ever seen since Steve McQueen’s “Bullitt.”