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Every … second … counts, case in point: Hackers stealing a BMW 1M stolen without keys — in 3 minutes!

There’s a lesson here for all car owners: Thieves will always find a way to get into your car – what you need is real-time awareness of when/where someone tries to violate your vehicle.

This viral video from the UK posted below blew up in the last week, and has already landed half a million hits since July 3.

In it, the hackers exploit a security loophole, using gizmos that plug into the vehicle’s OBD port — then programming the blank key fobs and taking off in their new ill-gotten cars.

According to this recent Jalopnik piece posted on MSNBC’s Technolog, the car is entered, “either via nearby RF jammers that block the fob lock signal from reaching the car (preventing owners from securing their vehicles) or, more crudely, by breaking a window. … In cases of the window break, the thieves seem to be exploiting a gap in the car’s internal ultrasonic sensor system to avoid tripping the alarm.”

When the thieves get in — they hack into the vehicle key fob’s digital ID so that they can program a different fob to interact with the car. The hackers make that work by first connecting some kind of device to the soon-to-be stolen vehicle’s OBD-II connector, the MSNBC post said.

Now listen up, Viper fans — you can protect yourselves and make sure that you don’t suffer from the same super-swift car theft.

We asked our engineers and experts here for the best tips on just what these criminals are doing and how car owners can fight back against them.

They told us:

Number 1.      In order to steal a car, the thief doesn’t need to reprogram the key right away. The criminal just needs to bypass the vehicle immobilizer quickly using potentially bulkier equipment — and drive away. Key reprogramming can be dealt with later at a secure location with less time constraint (let’s say 15-30 minutes).

Number 2.      BMW security has a hole: It employs a relatively weak, 48-bit Hitag system that can be hacked in under 3 minutes using computer hardware costing less than $10,000. There is also a known weakness in the randomization of the security key and its dependency on the CAS (one of the vehicle’s modules) dump. Such a dump is available over OBD connector. In other words, all components for a system are available on the Internet and putting the system together does not require a lot of technical skill.

Our experts were quite sure that BWM engineers are well aware of these shortcomings and are working on tighter the security and probably on upgrading their encryption method as well. That will address BMW’s security issue — but also will make any key-cracking job harder.

Number 3.      In order to deploy such a system, one needs to bypass the vehicle alarm system. The OEM one-way security is susceptible to jamming while more sophisticated two-way systems provide real-time status feedback and have additional sensors, etc.

Get connected to your vehicle and get ahead of the criminals: Thieves will always find a way to get into your car – what you need is real-time awareness of when/where someone tries to violate your vehicle.

See the whole quick-as-lightening BMW theft video below:

Well, here’s your mystery video for today.

Watch how the car bonet on this blue jalopy suddenly flips up while the vehicle is motoring along at high speed along the highway.

OK, so let’s just admit right now, there are a number of … peculiar things about this video.

Number one, there are definitely a weird amount of motorcycles puttering along throughout the whole thing.

Even more, how in the heck does the camera suddenly move when it’s inside the car, coincidentally at the exact second that the hood flips?

One of the YouTube posts that captured the bizarre bonet-flip, claimed to have found all the answers:

“This car use to be owned by a mechanic who tragically died while working on this car. He returned as a ghost and decided to change the oil while the car was in motion. The ghost panic’d and moved the camera to save himself from the embarrassment.”

The driver jumps out at the end of the video, investigates the calamity and secures the hood back in place. He looks a bit confused and out-of-it — we’d be even more scared to see that if we really could believe that this this whole episode was spontaneous.

Check out the whole video here:


Get me off of this crazy bus!

Have you ever heard of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift — well here is its crazy, oafish cousin reincarnated as a screwy bus coming to you right out of the heart of the Middle East.

In a viral video post that blew up and received over half a million hits in the last month, a white candy-striped bus screeches and drifts back and forth in front of a gob of traffic and a large crowd of onlookers.

A gang of unruly young folks are clearly have a raucous time from the back to the front of the crazed vehicle.

Yeah, I could definitely do without being a passenger on this bad boy.

Check out the whole video below:

Check out this Lamber getting put in the ol’ slammer!

Woof, talk about somebody who could have used a top-shelf car alarm and security system.

Take a look at this new hot video posted to YouTube in June of an Orange Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 getting towed in St. Tropez, Kuwait.

The big-money muscle car was apparently parked in the taxi bay — which is off limits to civilian vehicles. (Especially super expensive, babe-magnet vehicles driven by wealthy Kuwaiti playboys.)

Aaaaaand … wow, there sure were a lot of folks getting a big kick out of seeing the Lamborghini hauled away by the local crewmen. But, the driver was from Kuwait! Why would local residents celebrate as they watched a Kuwaiti get his car impounded?

The other part to make car fans shudder is how they lift the car — have mercy!

If you watch closely, there’s a matching Mercedes G-Wagon AMG also being towed away.

Check out the hot video here:

Wow … maybe it’s time to start taking the subway.

Following up on our goofy video Friday, we couldn’t resist bringing you this little doozy as we head into the shortened July 4 week.

A recent viral video posted to YouTube in mid-June shows one poor woman getting into three accidents in less than 50 feet and less than 3 minutes — none of them, keep in mind, involving any other drivers!

Ugh, sometimes it’s just not your day.

(Time to call up the Viper Motor Club!)