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Credit: Visteon

If you’re at CES in January, one of the things you’ll have to see, aside from all the products at our booth of course (1514 North Hall, shout out!!!) — would have to be the Visteon e-Bee.

It’s a really early preview of a 2020 car. The vehicle is based on the Nissan Leaf electric and features you’d expect to see in a sci-fi auto.

When it actually gets made it may be able to recognize its owner and program automatically where you need to go and what you need to do while on the road.

Three screens provide all the information.

It may look a little dizzying, but not to worry, when a ride like this DOES roll off the production line it’ll probably have an option for a robot driving system as well.

We’ll see you at CES, and read more about the Visteon e-Bee from CNET here.